5 Reasons to Start-Up in the Bay Area

By Vickey Li | July 05, 2022

If you haven’t heard the words, Silicon Valley, then it’s probably safe to assume you live (or work) under a rock — a very large soundproof rock — we’re just kidding. 😅 But Silicon Valley really IS all that and more. This is why Veery’s marketplace features so many listings from all over the SF Bay Area. Whether you want to work in the City by the Bay, across the bridge in Oakland or down Redwood City (next to us), here are 5 reasons why we love the SF Bay Area.

1. Be among the best and brightest

San Francisco and its surrounding areas are home to over 800,000 tech jobs. That’s right - EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND. From Google to Uber, Lyft, Stripe, Adobe, Microsoft and more — being in the Bay Area means being surrounded by opportunity and inspiration 24/7!

2. Meet up, ladder up

In a world where start-up success is all about who you know, the Bay Area is the perfect place to put down roots. There’s certainly no shortage of meetups — from networking events and conferences to forums where you could meet your next investor, or your new business partner.

3. Everyone loves a good lunch

If the people and opportunities weren’t enough, we can guarantee great food. The Bay Area is home to some of the most diverse cuisine in the country — we’re talking about everything from Tater tots to Taco Bowls — lunch never tasted better.

4. Financing opportunities

Every early-stage company knows the struggle of fundraising. Capital is critical. And though, we’ll be the first to admit that Silicon Valley isn’t a cheap place to start-up, it’s also the epicenter of incredible capital funding for great businesses. If you have an exciting new idea, or you’re on the road raising money for your growing company, being in the Bay Area is just what you need to raise money and grow quickly.

5. Veery’s in your backyard

We’d be remiss not to say that we’re right here in your backyard — in Redwood City — and the Bay Area is where we love helping companies find perfect spaces MOST!

So, what are you waiting for? We’d HAIGHT for you to miss out on the big, beautiful Bay!

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