Abound's Flex Office Experience with Veery

By Vickey Li | September 15, 2023

Veery x Abound Case Study

Closing the geographical gap with Veery’s Flexible Space Options

Abound, A San Francisco based Series A Startup came to us with teams distributed across India and the U.S. They needed a dedicated multipurpose office space for their U.S. based executives that offered a number of things:

  1. Multipurpose Usage: The space would have to accommodate client meetings, team meetings, private workspaces and the ability to work at any time of the day to accommodate folks in different time zones.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Being a Series-A startup also means that budget was a key consideration. Abound needed a space that would accommodate their needs without breaking the bank.

  3. Brand Exposure: A centrally located space that would help give the brand additional exposure was also important to the executive team.

Veery was able to meet all of Abound’s requirements. We gave them a “two-days-a-week” leasing option for a space centrally located in Palo Alto. They would have a dedicated space for their brand and executive team to use twice a week, and they’d only have to pay for the time they actually used — giving them additional value and flexibility.

With Veery’s flexible leasing options, we were able to tailor a solution that was perfect for Abound’s unique circumstances. They ended up with a space that was the perfect combination of practical and a little *dreamy.*

The CEO at Abound said, “Our experience with Veery has been outstanding. The flexibility and value they offer are unmatched. We are delighted with the solution and plan to expand our use of the space as our team grows.”

Do you need a flexible office solution for your team? Discover how we can offer you a tailored solution, just like Abound. Explore our spaces or get in touch today!

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