Give Your Team a Treat: Retreat

By Vickey Li | August 31, 2022

Give Your Team a Treat: Retreat

We love team retreats. They’re truly a great opportunities for everyone to step away from the hustle and grind — and think about the big picture — how the team works together, what the broader goals for the organization are and where the opportunities for improvement are. But beyond that, retreats are also a great way to give your team a fresh change of scenery, new perspective and an opportunity to bond with their teammates in a way that your typical workday may not allow. 

Here are some of our tips for hosting a great team retreat: 

  1. Give Everyone A Voice Before any team retreat at Veery, we ask our employees what kind of content they’d find the most valuable. We try to understand what’s top-of-mind for folks — what are their priorities? What have they enjoyed (or not) in the past? What would be a good use of everyone’s time? Do they have ideas?

    This helps us start off on the right foot and plan something that makes sense for the whole team. We also, then, try to give everyone on the team an opportunity to lead a session, or at least contribute in one way or another. Remember, the retreat is about your whole team — and everyone should feel like they have a part to play from start to end.

  2. Build in Breaks During a retreat, you’ll spend lots of time talking about work. And maybe some time, having a little fun. But make sure to schedule breaks so your team members can answer emails, get some coffee, check their texts or perhaps just catch up with each other. Some of our best ideas happen in the in-between moments — and breaks are just as crucial as all the fun activities, brainstorming sessions and strategizing you’ll do during your retreat.

  3. Give Them a Change of Scenery We always encourage companies to take their teams off-site for a retreat. It’s true, a change of scenery can give you fresh perspective. Taking your teams off site will help them break away from the routine — and give them a blank canvas for new ideas, interesting perspectives and fresh conversations.

    (Plus, you may get some great team pictures for your website or social media out of it)

  4. A Theme for Your Team What’s your #1 goal for your team retreat? Think of a theme that will help everyone understand your northstar. Having a theme will not only help you keep your planning on track, it will also help set expectations with your team members from the start. The less surprises, the better! (Except for the good ones, like some cake - maybe?) 

We know these tips will guarantee an incredible experience for your team members at your next retreat. And if you ever need more ideas, tips or thoughts about your retreat — the Veery team is here to support you and help you build a great experience for your teams! 

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