How Veery Has Evolved to Meet the Moment

By Vickey Li | June 15, 2023

How Veery Has Evolved to Meet the Moment

The Veery is a North American songbird whose song is breezy and flute-like. She loves her freedom and only sings when uncaged. Her notes are melodious and she is happiest when she is free. This is the spirit of our company: Veery.

Veery’s mission has always been to give entrepreneurs, leaders, businesses and dreamers the freedom to do what they do best by providing a hassle-free workplace experience for an evolving workforce.

We launched Veery as a short-term leasing and management platform for landlords and tenants looking for a great workplace experience. But as the workforce emerged from the pandemic and industries across the country grappled with productivity vs. flexibility, in-office vs. remote, to be hybrid or not to be — we saw a greater opportunity.

The larger conversation was about the workforce at large having freedom.

  • The freedom to work from anywhere.
  • The freedom to be productive.
  • The freedom to embrace what they’re truly passionate about.
  • The freedom to get together when it makes the most sense.
  • The freedom to be flexible.
  • The freedom to change the way we work.

And Veery’s mission became about freeing the workforce to sing their birdsong.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, workplaces everywhere were forced into an unplanned experiment allowing their employees to work from home indefinitely. 3 years later, employees and employers everywhere have adjusted to new working norms. And while most of the world has gone back to its’ pre-pandemic ways, the way we work has changed forever.

On the one hand, millions of people have fully embraced and continue to desire the ability to work remotely or in a hybrid model permanently. (And the demand for remote work is only growing!) In fact, according to a McKinsey study on remote work, when offered, the majority of Americans will take the opportunity to work flexibly. Companies simply can’t risk being inflexible any longer.

On the other hand, employers and leaders across industries are grappling with a drop in productivity and many continue to express concerns around team cohesion and collaboration. The question for so many leaders is how to continue attracting top talent in a world that demands remote work while ensuring the highest productivity and giving employees the opportunity to come together and collaborate the way they used to in a pre-pandemic world.

It’s a delicate dance and what we know for certain is that to bridge these gaps, employers need to offer their employees trust and connection.



Giving the workforce the freedom to do what they do best is a challenging proposition, and trust is central to that conversation. Remote working requires a high degree of trust from employers but for companies that offer a fully remote work environment, the typical round-the-clock office is no longer necessary.

What employees now need is an on-demand solution that fits their needs when they want it. Imagine being able to simply jump on the Veery website and choose a space that fits your team’s needs for the day. Or perhaps, you need a space for a little longer — a week, maybe a month. Veery takes the hassle out of finding a space where your team can come together on its own terms, and focus your energy where it’s needed most — on your work.


We know that there’s no substitute for in-person connection. So while most of us are comfortable working remotely and collaborating with our colleagues on Zoom — we also know that many folks report feeling isolated, and we’ve seen higher rates of burnout and work-related mental health issues in the years following the pandemic. Being able to get together when it makes the most sense for your team won’t only improve productivity — it also gives teams the opportunity to connect in a meaningful way and get in front of people rather than constantly being behind a screen.


Like the songbird, Veery — our business has evolved to meet the needs of the moment — giving today’s workforce the freedom to choose where they work, when they want to come together and how they sing their birdsong when they do. Having a solution that offers you the ability to be productive together, the flexibility to come together when you want and the convenience of being close to home is game-changing.

It’s the perfect balance between trust and connection, productivity and flexibility, employer satisfaction and employee happiness. Our spaces are fully managed, professionally cleaned before every use, plug-and-play ready and on-demand for any team, any time.

Our journey is only beginning, but we believe that we’re paving the way for a new workforce and we hope you’ll be along for the ride.

If you’re looking for a space for your team to come together, get in touch with the Veery team today. 

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