People Teams Need a Little TLC

By Vickey Li | August 10, 2022

People Teams Need a Little TLC 😊

By now, you probably already know that “People” teams are the new HR. More and more companies today are shifting away from the traditional HR department, and building teams more focused on employee experience and engagement. But creating a strong culture and building exceptional employee engagement plans can be very hard, time consuming and expensive! 

In my years of experience in the workplace solutions space, what I’ve seen is that People Teams today are focused on how to drive the most value for employees instead of simply decreasing liability for their companies. Because, happy employees make great companies! And the happiest employees build the best companies. Just look 👀at companies like Google, Netflix, Uber, Lyft, LinkedIn and the lot! 

But growing companies don’t all have the time, energy and resources to provide the kind of value that a multi-billion dollar company like Google does. So how do their People Teams support employees? 

Our simple answer — Veery. 

Veery’s #1 priority is employee experience. We’re taking a leaf out of the hospitality playbook and bringing it to workspace solutions. We’re not just about listing and leasing — we’re about giving and growing. We want to give People Teams the support they need to build great employee experience—from the day-to-day perks like coffee and collaborative spaces—to the un-routine like offsites, team building activities, happy hours and more. We take an experience-first approach to every company we work with. 

And these are our 3 pillars for people success: 

  1. Two-Way Conversation Traditional HR teams were all about a top-down approach — finding ways of keeping employees in line and decreasing liability. Today’s People Teams need to focus on keeping an open dialogue with employees. HEAR YOUR EMPLOYEES OUT. They’ll tell you exactly what they need. Every company and its people are unique — so opening the lines of communication will surely help you create a unique culture and serve your employee population in the most effective way.

  2. Purposeful Planning No, we’re not talking about planning every second of every happy hour. We’re talking about understanding the higher-level strategic business goals, and creating purposeful plans and programs against those goals. What is going to help drive the most value to the business while creating value for employees too? Is it more day-to-day perks? Is it about giving your employees team building opportunities? Is it about creating space for employees to give back and feel like a part of something larger than themselves?

  3. Finally, a Holistic Approach Holistic wellness is huge! And so is a holistic employee experience — think about your people’s needs —from the most basic physiological needs like clean air and great food — to the need to realize one’s potential. Winning over your employees means considering everything that could affect them during their workday and beyond. 

If you’re looking for great space and a little People-TLC, look no further. Let’s talk : )

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