The New Paradigm Shift for Offices

By Vickey Li | July 05, 2022

The traditional office model is on its last legs — desperately seeking better alternatives. Looking back, some of the reasons for its demise are obvious: lengthy, 5-10 year leases with no flexibility; static spaces unable to grow with the needs of a company; limited employee productivity and morale; scarce amenities; and ever-increasing maintenance costs. It’s little wonder that the idea of returning to the office is met with reluctance — the very mention of the word “office” is now, more often than not, unappealing.

This is not to say that all workspaces from here on out are doomed. The continual rise of co-working options is testimony to the fact that there is still a market for physical space where interaction, collaboration and amenities are at the forefront. Yet with the inherent limitations of co-working spaces, a better, newer paradigm of the “office” must take form, one that combines the best of all elements.

The data points us in the right direction: employees have proven to be equally as, if not more productive working from home and desire a workspace primarily to build community — to feel a part of a distinct culture. It is as if to say: if we’re going to be away from our families, pets, and refrigerators for hours at a time, make it worth our while! A new model must, then, define the workspace not purely as a place for work — despite the term — but rather as a space better suited to foster experiences, build relationships and develop a communal identity.

In order to accomplish this transformative feat, the focus of the workspace must be fundamentally altered. Veery is at the forefront of this transformation. Our energy is placed on providing great amenities — things like quality coffee and snacks, perhaps a pool table and even an air hockey setup — and more interactive, communal spaces. We’re also giving teams the opportunity to create networks of their choice and build community on their own terms.  The office of the future must be hotelized and recreationalized with experience and connection at the center.

What we’re creating is a paradigm shift to the very basic definition of a workspace or, dare I say it, office: a focus on creating hotelized modern spaces full of enviable amenities, recreational spaces and a unique culture.

Think about how airbnb revolutionized travel-stays — giving folks the ability to truly experience the places they go to through the eyes of locals — or how Uber and Lyft revolutionized getting around. Today, you no longer need to wait on long calls to get a cab (or heaven forbid) hail a cab in the busy streets any more. Just pick up your phone and you can get a ride to wherever you want to go. We are tending more and more towards more ‘personalized’ and ‘service’ oriented experiences.

The ‘office’ industry is 10 years behind and needs to hit the gas pedal, and catch up. The future is here, and so is Veery : )

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