Veery x Baydin (now Boomerang) Case Study

By Veery | September 01, 2023

Veery x Baydin Case Study

A Customized Office Solution to Keep Employees Engaged During HQ Renovations

Baydin is a unique B2B software startup with an ambitious mission to boost productivity for everyone's email communication. Their people are at the core of who they are, and they believe in making every interaction with their platform a pleasant one. And we know that winning on the inside makes for big wins on the outside! When Baydin’s San Francisco HQ was the only office in the Bay Area, they faced a significant challenge — how do we continue bringing our distributed team together — without breaking the bank.

Baydin came to us with a few needs:

  1. Alternative Workspace: A convenient space for their executive team to come together, meet, collaborate and continue communing in-person.
  2. A Space for Large and Small Meetings: A space that can host both large and small meetings for their team.
  3. Convenience: Something within a reasonable distance of their existing HQ that would be easy for team members to access — so as not to interfere with their regular commuting distance.

Veery was up to the task! We stepped in with a short-term fully serviced rental for Baydin that was conveniently located near of most of the executive teams’ homes. The space we provided also accommodated their big asks: large and small meeting rooms, individual workspaces, and located within walking distance food, coffee and basic amenities.

This full-service office experience allowed the Baydin team to work collaboratively and individually as needed. With our services, they were able to continue operations as usual during their HQ renovation without breaking the bank or worrying about the hassle of a longer term rental. The convenient location and customized space gave the executive team just what they needed — an alternative HQ. And as a bonus, the team was able to enjoy working close to home!

One of the executives at Baydin said, “Veery provided a highly convenient additional office near our teams’ homes. The customized space combined with great hospitality made it feel like our own HQ.”

You can book a space with Veery for the day, week, month, year or longer. Just get on our website and explore available spaces, or get in touch for a more customized, longer-term experience. We’ll give you the same Veery standard that our many clients like Baydin enjoy!

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