Workplaces Must be Multifunctional

By Vickey Li | September 14, 2022

Workplaces Must be Multifunctional

The needs of today’s workforce is constantly evolving, and companies everywhere are rethinking how they adapt, evolve with the workforce and rise to the challenges of an ever-shifting landscape. From adopting the latest technologies to an increased focus on employee experience — every company has their eye on the future. But is this enough? 

We think that building a business of the future is about building something that can bend and flex, but not break when the next curveball gets thrown your way. The way we think about work has to change entirely. We need not only technology, but physical space that can adapt to the needs of the moment. Space is increasingly about community, building relationships and understanding our consumers. 

We can’t predict what the next technological revolution will look like or how those technologies will disrupt industries. What we do know is that staying flexible is the best way to future-proof your workplace strategy. We’re talking about Multifunctional Spaces. 

You may have seen a Capital One Café pop up in a town near you — they’re reimagining banking and designing welcoming spaces where everyone can relax, refuel and unwind whether they’re a Capital One customer or not. “The Cafés play an active role in the community and focus on more than finances, because financial wellbeing is better with every day well-being…and there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the space.” 

Or perhaps you’ve heard of Starbucks’ innovative new coworking concept that combines your every day Starbucks experience with a “think-lab” that features private booths, meeting areas, and welcoming sofas where teams can lounge out together. This latest endeavor is just another iteration of what the #futureofwork could look like. 

The future of work looks like being able to book a table on Veery, and meet my co-workers at a local café for a quick huddle. It looks like working from the top floor of a shopping center, and then being able to head downstairs to check out the hottest new retail pop-up on the market. It looks like a luxury apartment 20 minutes from home where I can meet my team for a day-long retreat. It looks like the local bookstore in my suburban town where I can pop open my laptop without having to commute 2 hours into the city. 

The workplace of the future is about people, not profit. It’s about spaces that bend without breaking. It’s about flexibility, and the freedom to truly work from anywhere. 

This is the #futureofwork we’re building at Veery and we need everyone to join us in the action. We believe in giving this next generation the kind of workplace experience they deserve, we believe any space can be a functional workspace, we believe in the multifunctionality of space, and using every space to its fullest potential. We believe in creating a world where anyone can work from anywhere. Are you with us? 

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