2023 Year in Review

By Vickey Li | December 18, 2023

As we say goodbye to another remarkable year at Veery, it's time to take a moment to reflect on the milestones that made 2023 truly special.

Launching Veery's Hybrid Offices in 12 Cities

This year marked an expansive journey as we successfully launched Veery's hybrid offices in 12 cities. Our community has grown all across the San Francisco Bay Area, fostering innovation and collaboration in every corner.

All the Furniture We Moved!

Change is the only constant, and at Veery, we embraced it wholeheartedly. We moved so much furniture, creating dynamic spaces that adapt to the evolving needs of our members. Our commitment to providing flexible and inspiring work environments knows no bounds.

50 Offices Online for Hybrid Leasing

Veery introduced 50 new offices for hybrid leasing, enabling businesses to thrive in a flexible and adaptive work environment. We believe in empowering companies to shape their future, and our hybrid leasing options are a testament to that commitment.

Became The Preferred Base Office for 35 Companies

For 35 forward-thinking companies, Veery has become more than just a workspace—it's their base office. These companies have embraced the Veery experience and haven't looked back, finding a home that complements their vision and aspirations.

230 Companies, One Veery Community

We also welcomed a whopping 230 companies through our doors, showcasing the diverse and dynamic nature of our community. From startups to established corporates, each company added its unique flavor to the Veery community.

Doors Opened: 227,500 Times

Our doors swung open a staggering 227,500 times, welcoming so many to our spaces

Meeting Rooms: A Hub of Creativity Used 30,000 Times

Veery's meeting rooms became the heartbeat of collaboration, buzzing with ideas, discussions, and innovations. In 2023, these spaces were utilized an impressive 30,000 times—a testament to the power of shared ideas and collective growth.

Always Running Out of Bananas: A Quirky Side Note

And yes, it wouldn't be a true Veery experience without a mention of our perennial banana shortage. As a community that thrives on energy and vitality, it seems we can't keep enough bananas in stock. But hey, it's a small price to pay for the vibrant, dynamic atmosphere we've cultivated!

As we close the chapter on 2023, Veery extends its heartfelt gratitude to each member of our community. Your presence, collaboration, and enthusiasm have made this year unforgettable. Here's to a fruitful past and an even more exciting future at Veery in 2024 and beyond.

See Veery's Year in Review Video Here

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