The Office "Hotelization" Revolution

By Vickey Li | August 17, 2023

The Office “Hotelization” Revolution

Empowering Teams with Veery 

The workplace landscape today is ever changing — and as such, the concept of what a physical office space means to teams, is evolving. At Veery, we’re pioneering and revolutionizing what it means to “hotelize” your office. We believe in a hospitality-first, people first approach. And just like Veery, the songbird that only sings when set free, Veery aims to be a force that liberates companies and teams from traditional work constraints. We allow teams to find and book private, beautiful, fully furnished spaces on their own terms — be it a day, week, month or year — and we provide all the amenities and services they need to have a great experience. Here are some of the tenets that guide the concept of “Office Hotelization” and how we see it: 

From Location to Experience With the advent of remote and hybrid work, and ever advancing technology — the notion of what physical office spaces should offer has changed. Today, we see companies prioritizing employee experience and productivity, and the in-office experience acts as a catalyst for better team experiences. The office “hotel” gives teams precisely that experience — a space where everything from maintenance to monday morning coffee is taken care of — so employees can focus on doing the work they do best. And this is all while offering them an ideal workspace with the freedom to flexibility to use it when they want it and how they want it to maximize their experience. 

The Freedom to Work How, Where and When You Want  Our vision to empower teams with the freedom and flexibility to work how, where and when they choose is at the heart of workplace freedom.  We don’t simply see ourselves as a flexible office platform. Rather, we are a catalyst for change — bringing change to the workplace industry — connecting teams with exactly what they need to succeed in an ever-changing world. 

Bringing Hospitality to the Workplace We are committed to creating exceptional experiences that go hand in hand with boosting employee productivity and keeping them happy. Our spaces aren’t just functional — they are designed specifically to support seamless collaboration and focus. Like a great hotel, every Veery space is designed to give you a true experience — from fully equipped meeting rooms to private desks for heads-down work to open spaces that encourage collaboration and productivity. 

Networking By Choice Even in today’s AI led, zoom-first world, the value of in-person connections and collaboration can’t be underestimated. In the past, professionals relied on chance encounters like a conversation at the water cooler or in the cafeteria, to form their networks, and make connections. Today, we have to encourage intentional connection. We call this “networking by choice.” Through planned offsite events and learning programs, Veery also offers an opportunity for teams to connect outside the office, strengthen bonds, and foster a greater sense of unity. 

Office hotelization is about revolutionizing the way we approach work and productivity altogether, and Veery stands at the forefront of this transformation. We are committed to empowering people with workplace freedom, meaningful connections and an environment that encourages greater team productivity. As more and more workers transition from networking by chance to networking by choice, our curated experiences become more instrumental in forging strong bonds and greater collaboration. With Veery, companies can embrace this new era of flexible work and thrive without the shackles of traditional constraints. 

Come sing your song of success with Veery.

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