Your Top 3 Questions about Veery, Answered.

By Vickey Li | July 19, 2023

Your Top 3 Questions about Veery, Answered.

Companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and in cities across the country are coming face to face with the tough realities of running a business post-pandemic. Operating costs are high, once centralized office spaces are now flexible real estate and teams’ needs are shifting every day in an increasingly distributed environment. It’s no wonder that Hybrid workspaces and satellite offices have become the need and demand of the moment (from both employers and employees). 

No matter what industry you’re in, how big your company is, or how you’ve operated in the past, you need to take advantage of new workspace models quickly and adapt in a way that will best serve your business.

Veery is proud to partner with companies across the San Francisco Bay Area to do just that — help them adapt by providing convenient, affordable, fully managed flexible office space. 

Here are the top 3 questions we often hear from our clients and business partners: 

  1. Why rent a space with Veery when it would be cheaper to allow my employees to work fully remotely? Remote work has many benefits, but believe it or not, people still want to see each other in person — and zoom meetings can’t replace the benefits of employees coming together and collaborating in person. Veery takes the hassle out of both the “when” and “where” for you. Whether your team(s) need a space for a day, a week, a month or all year around, we offer fully furnished, fully managed, around-the-clock convenient spaces for all kinds of teams and all kinds of work. Giving your teams a place to come together on their own terms while still allowing for the flexibility of remote work is not only a great offering but the wise business decision!

  2. How will Veery partner with me when choosing an office space? We’re there with you from the moment you say, “I’m looking,” and we’ll take you through the entire process from finding a place to moving in and ensuring your teams’ needs are met at every step of the way once you’ve found a space that best suits you. Hybrid work demands a rethinking of physical office design, around-the-clock support so employees can work on their own time, and technology that works. We help our clients design spaces that promote collaboration, connection and innovation while supporting all their ongoing maintenance and administrative needs, and ensuring the coffee is always hot! Think of Veery like an “office hotel.” We provide you with the space, all your needs in that space, and make sure everything is maintained and to your satisfaction at all times!

  3. What differentiates Veery from other office space providers? At Veery, we believe that the little details make all the difference. The best hotel experiences are exciting, alluring, beautiful and feel great from the moment you walk in the door. Great hotels offer you more than just a room — they offer you an experience. We are pioneers in the movement to “hotelize” offices. And we truly believe in giving our customers the biggest bang for their buck. Like a hotel, our offices are fully furnished (for longer leases, even designed to your specifications). We offer 24/7 concierge support for ongoing maintenance needs. Amenities like lunch, coffee and snacks are always ready and fresh. And like you, we CARE about your teams. At Veery, we personally oversee the management and maintenance of every single space we put on the market. We’re not just a middle man.

Hybrid working models aren’t just about a change of location, they’re also about changing routines, rethinking how you work, and giving teams great workspace options for community, connection and collaboration. Veery is here to help you at every step of the way. Check out some of our spaces and [get in touch today.](tel:+1 (650) 643-4867)

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