Your Ticket to Saving $$$ and the Planet 🌎

By Vickey Li | July 20, 2022

Sustainability: Your Ticket to Saving $$$ and the Planet

If you’re paying attention to the constant stream of media and information today, you’ve heard about the urgent need to address climate change. What you probably haven’t heard is what you as an office owner or landlord — can do about it — and how caring for the planet can help you grow your pockets as well. 

Reducing your carbon footprint might be the easiest and most cost-efficient way to save money and give prospective tenants a little added benefit — but these simple changes are often overlooked or overshadowed by meeting the day-to-day demands of tenants and employees. 

We’re here to tell you that sustainability should be a priority for you. Studies have shown that greener offices contribute to a healthier, more productive workforce. And office spaces on the market get an easy boost when they boast green building standards and a clear effort to implement real sustainable practices inside. 

The Veery team is always ready to help existing space owners and landlords get with the program when it comes to sustainability, but here are some ways to get a head start: 

  1. Bring the Outside, Inside We’re big fans of green walls and green spaces inside. And research across the board shows that plants make people happier. What that means for your workforce is more productive, healthier, happier employees. By creating open spaces with lots of natural light and greenery — you not only make working more conducive and comfortable — you can also save a little on energy costs ;)

  2. Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle If you’re not already recycling in your space — well—what are you doing? One of the simplest ways to reduce your impact on the environment is to get recycling bins in your space. You can also take it a step further and encourage folks to repurpose. Create supply-share spaces where employees can share stationery, office supplies and equipment — and exchange materials when possible.

  3. Invest in a Green Team Or list your space on Veery. We’re here to help anyone with underutilized space whip things into shape — and get your space turnkey ready for the next great team. And one of the things we pride ourselves on is helping our host companies make their spaces sustainable. So sign up, and watch us work our magic. We already have those green initiatives stored away in our back pockets.

  4. Explore Cash Generating Circular Opportunities Many companies are finding new and exciting ways to lower their carbon footprint while maximizing their bottom line. E-waste programs can help generate more revenue while helping you recycle your electronics, or convert cafeteria waste into compost for a local garden.

  5. Get Tenants and Employees Involved Sustainability shouldn’t just be something you talk about. It should be a part of your every-day company culture. Build programs, organize events, send newsletters and encourage volunteering. When you get tenants and employees involved, you can do so much more! 

Going green is great for so many reasons — but our favorite reason of all — is that you’ll help guest companies retain employees and grow a healthier, happier workforce. And we all love a happy workforce. 

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