4 Steps to Take Your Space from Drab to Dazzling

By Vickey Li | July 05, 2022

Whether you’re listing a home on airbnb or a venue on Veery, we know that preparing your space can be a whole lot of work — and how your space looks — can make or break the deal. While we do work with some of the best designers and facilities teams in the business to create stylistic, functional and (let’s be honest) f***ing awesome workspaces — if you want to give your space a spruce on your own, we have some go-to-tips for you.

1. Focus on the Essentials

You’ve heard the phrase less is more, and we’re here for it. You need enough furniture to define your space but not so much that it starts to look or feel cluttered. When a tenant walks through your space, they need space to move — the easier it is to get around, the easier it is to see just what you have to offer.

2. Declutter & Depersonalize

Yep, you heard us right. You may have a flair for the eclectic or like more decoration than most — but too much can be distracting when you’re showing your space to a new potential tenant. Folks need to be able to imagine themselves in your space, rather than getting caught up in matters of taste.

3. Set Up Organized Workspaces

This may seem like an obvious one, but your tenants need to know exactly what it will feel like to work out of your space. Set up desks with everyday work items such as computers, desk lamps, a cup of pens and maybe even some notebooks! This will set the stage and give them something to look at. Make sure to stay neat and tidy ;)

4. Keep it Neutral

If you read #2, this is probably already top of mind — but one of the most important things you can do is to keep your color palette neutral. This will help apparel to the widest range of tenants possible. While bright colors are great to keep you energized, they certainly shouldn’t be all over your walls. Try keeping colorful accents to a tasteful few.

We’ve got lots more ideas where those came from. If you need help making your space stand out — sign up today and gain access to Veery’s incredible marketplace full of vetted tenants and our team of experts. No matter what your space looks like today, we’ll help you make it *Veery* special for your next tenant.

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