Highlights of Bay Area Spaces

By Vickey Li | December 14, 2022

Highlights of Bay Area Spaces

With the success of numerous tech giants and the world's top Universities like Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and UCSF located in the Bay area, the Bay Area attracts the world's top elites, investors, and companies. Even though the pandemic has changed the working style of people, the Bay area is still one of the most popular regions for thousands of companies. Today, Veery would like to highlight some offices for companies that require a flexible office leasing contract.

1. Mountain View Serviced Offices in 883N Shoreline

883 N. Shoreline Blvd.png

With a 5-min free shuttle service to & from Mt. View Caltrain Station, 883N Shoreline Blvd is a convenient and spacious office space in the south bay area. They have a 4-building complex, flexible lease terms, and expansion space available, this listing would be perfect for tenants who need a space to work with their teams of different sizes.

2. Boutique collaborative office next to University Avenue

Modern Real Estate Property Instagram Post.png A newly-renovated office inside a historical building located right across from the Apple store. This boutique collaborative office is right next to University Avenue.

3. Newly Renovated Building Space in San Jose

Spacious working space.png A brand new renovated office in San Jose, the spacious office space does not only office workspace for you. It also offers free access to the in-building state-of-the-art brand-new gym with locker and showers, outdoor courtyard and BBQ sites, and lots of break room and collaboration areas that allow multi-functional use of space. Walking Distance to Caltrain Station, the office is surrounded by downtown restaurants and amenities.

4. Customzied flexible office suites in Fremont

Fremont.png An all-in-one office with an emphasis on today’s dynamic work. From move-in to a range of workspaces services and a pocket concierge to inquire about additional office service.

All the offices are up to Veery standard. What does it mean to Veery Standard? Check below! Veery standard.png

Tell us about what you want for your best office solutions.

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