Our Roadmap to Creating a Winning Culture

By Vickey Li | July 05, 2022

The future of work is here, and we’re at a critical juncture — a time that’s demanding employers revisit their assumptions about the workforce and change how they approach community, culture, collaboration and communication. In November of 2021, more than 4.5 million people across the U.S. voluntarily left their jobs, and these staggering numbers weren’t isolated to a single region. By early 2022, large swathes of people across the globe were either quitting their jobs for greener pastures, or leaving the employment market to be their own bosses.

Some employers saw this shift coming, and acted quickly— but most are now left playing catch up. So, what’s driving the shift?

Pandemic-driven changes in how we work have created unique challenges and opportunities for employers around the world — including how to attract new talent and retain existing employees. And, studies show that more than ever, workers are seeking personal value, purpose and fulfillment at work. 65% of workers say that the pandemic made them “rethink the place that work should have” in their lives.

When asked about the shift in people’s attitudes, Gartner’s Chief of Research Chris Howard said, “Many people are developing a new sense of self-awareness and worth, and they won’t easily forget if they have felt undervalued…” Today, employers need to go beyond the ping-pong table and think about how to truly show employees they care — because the real future of work lies in the employee experience. People aren’t just employees — they’re mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, friends, athletes, hobbyists, dreamers, makers, creators, inventors, doers, thinkers and soul-searchers. Employees are every company’s #1 client. And as hybrid work becomes the norm, companies need to adjust their strategies to focus on people first.

But, how?

Use Veery’s 4 step roadmap to building a winning culture for real people:

1. Rethink what it means to hire and retain “top-talent”

Your best people aren’t always the ones with MBAs from Harvard, Yale or Princeton. Sometimes the best talent you have in your organization are the people that can hold a strong conversation, mediate in moments of conflict, or bring people together to collaborate effectively (and joyfully). Remember to show your people that you value more than just the hard skills. Invest in relationship-builders and nurturers as much as you do inventors and innovators.

2. Empower your team to connect digitally

While we’re obviously fans of in-person interaction and a great office environment here at Veery, we also know that in 2022, it’s impossible to build strong culture or retain strong people without the right technology. We’ve all used Zoom or Facetime to talk to a distant friend or loved one — and today there are so many ways to bring employees together digitally. Making sure that your employees feel connected to the team and your business no matter where they are is critical to your success.

3. Make your values front and center

Purpose and personal fulfillment are the top priority for today’s workforce — so it should be a top priority for you too. Employers need to stop hiding behind their vision statements, and start living their values. What’s your corporate purpose? What do you stand for in the world? Are you living these values in and outside the workplace? People can smell a phony from a mile away. Don’t just put your values on a website. Live them.

4. Rethink the “workplace"

The final step is rethinking what the “workplace” looks like and how it functions. Employees aren’t ever going back to the traditional 9-5, 5-day work week. You’ve got to adapt and think about how your workplace is serving your employees. Do you need a single space, or just some space every so often?

Being more intentional about how we shape the future of work will allow for both employers and employees to create more impact and feel more fulfilled. Let’s start today, together.

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