Veery x Junson Capital Case Study

By Vickey Li | June 29, 2023

Veery x Junson Capital: The Ideal Satellite Office Experience

Junson Capital is a global financial services company with broad geographic coverage across Hong Kong, New York, Singapore and Palo Alto. As they evolved their working model to provide more remote and satellite options to employees, Junson reached out to us for a workplace solution for their Palo Alto employees. 

Their goals were to:

  1. Maintain Employer Branding: Junson didn’t want just any co-working space. While they were looking for satellite office options, they wanted to ensure an experience consistent with their brand, culture and unique identity.

  2. Keep Costs Low: Traditional office spaces often require long-term leases, hefty deposits and extraneous costs to funish, utilize and maintain the property. Junson wanted to keep their costs low while still giving employees a high quality experience.

  3. Focus on What They Do Best: Junson wanted their employees to be able to focus on what they do best — financial services. They didn’t want the hassle of hiring office maintenance or administrative staff — instead they wanted their core business to take priority. 

In order to help Junson Capital meet their goals, we supported them through the exploration of different spaces, finding a lease that best suited their needs, designing a space that reflected their unique culture and brand identity, moving in and setting up, and providing around-the-clock support once they were moved in. 

Veery was able to help them find a private space with three meeting rooms and a small event venue. We struck a one-year lease with the option to renew, and customized their office to meet their branding requirements. All of this was done in just 2 months, and all along the way, our clients at Junson Capital were able to track the progress online. 

Veery helped Junson express their unique culture and identity in the space by painting the walls, building a logo wall, selecting furniture that aligned to their theme and colors, and ensuring even the smallest details (like coffee choices and water preferences) were aligned to the company’s branding, image and unique identity. 


Junson cut office costs by 50% since Veery is 100% responsible for furnishings, utilities and maintenance. They also save on administrative and maintenance costs every day knowing that Veery’s 24/7 concierge service is always on hand for their ongoing needs. 

While Junson’s employees focus on what they do best, Veery continues to provide a high-quality experience to their employees, clients and partners all while giving their team the flexibility to work where they want when they want. 

If you’re looking for a space for your team to come together, get in touch or book a space directly on our website.

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