Veery x Starting Gate Case Study

By Vickey Li | August 03, 2023

Veery x Starting Gate: Powering a Thriving Tech Community with Our On-Demand Office Solution

Starting Gate (Formerly Grandview Venture Capital) is a vibrant early-stage tech community in the Bay Area that needed a versatile and cost-effective office solution for their distributed team. When they came to Veery, they asked us for a space that they could use to facilitate their dynamic community events. But because Starting Gate is an cross-border Venture Firm who's newly launched in the U.S, their ask was to keep the purse strings tight — and we needed to find a cost-effective solution that would meet their needs while saving them a little $$$.

Their goals were clear:

  1. A Space With an Emphasis on Community: Starting Gate needed a flexible, on-demand office solution where their teams could truly come together on their own terms without the concerns of a full-time space attached. Meetings and events were the name of the game.
  2. A Cost Effective Space for an Early Stage Company: With the backdrop of a tough economy, business in a new market and growing companies need to be wise with their finances, and Veery was on a mission to help Starting Gate save costs.

Veery was able to provide Starting Gate with an innovative on-demand office solution that truly met their needs. They were able to leverage the flexibility of multiple locations in Mountain View and Palo Alto — empowering their team to conduct meetings, host community events, and welcome clients into beautiful locations on their own terms, without hefty costs weighing them down.

By capitalizing on Veery’s custom services, Starting Gate also enjoyed fully branded high-quality environments for their activities while maintaining the flexibility of only using the space when they need it. This unique approach afforded them greater cost savings and the ability to continue providing a great experience for their teams and clients.

Starting Gate was so happy with Veery’s services. They said, “Veery’s innovative and flexible solution empowers us while creating a highly branded environment to engage our vibrant community.”

Starting Gate joins many satisfied businesses who are redefining their workspace experience with Veery. Contact us today to find out how you can find a tailored office solution for your team too!

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