What Veery Offers That Co-Working Spaces Don't

By Veery | October 27, 2023

What Veery Offers That Co-Working Spaces Don't

Jaw dropping spaces, seamless hospitality and prices that won't break the bank

Today’s workforce is looking for more than just space to work. They crave flexibility, convenience and personalized service. Think about how the world around you has evolved. From Uber to AirBnB, Doordash and CitiBike — everything today is personalized, on demand, and tailored to meet your needs when and how you want it. 

Co-working spaces have become the Uber of workplace experiences. They offer a place where freelancers, consultants, small start-ups and entrepreneurs can all work under one roof. On the one hand, this offers a collaborative work environment and you do get the space you need on-demand. On the other, it’s impersonal, you’re bunched in with companies and people who may offer you no real benefit, and the experience is the same no matter where you go. 

Most people today aren’t looking for free lunches, ping pong tables and a climbing wall by their desks. They’re looking for space where intentional meetings can happen, where real collaboration can take place and where their teams can be productive together. They’re looking for purpose driven spaces that are tailored to them.  Today’s workforce needs space when and how they want it.

Let’s talk about the how. When you compare Veery with co-working spaces or even other flex office platforms, you immediately see the difference. We offer a personalized experience that’s purpose driven and tailored to your needs with built-in hospitality services, maintenance and management. Not to mention, you get premium private environments so you have the space you need when you need it — and you only pay for what you need when you need it. You don’t get bunched in with random companies and people, and your experience is our priority. We won’t even go down the traditional commercial office rabbit hole that’s filled with inflexible contracts, long leases, and caters to a model of work that is simply obsolete.

‎Veery Comparison Chart.‎001.jpeg Veery offers your team the freedom to work wherever, whenever and however your needs are best fulfilled. We’re putting the power back in your hands — where it should be. And you can decide if you need a meeting room, an event venue, a space that has both, or neither. With Veery, teams can become the master of their own destinies rather than a cog in the co-working wheel. 

Veery’s customers range from folks who just need a meeting room for a day to executive teams who need a multipurpose space for 6 months while their HQ undergoes renovations. We’re focused on workplace design, optimizing for collaboration, ensuring a great workplace experience and giving you what you need when you need it.

Being able to hop online and find a functional, productive, personalized office experience is exactly what today’s workforce needs. While many still continue to work fully remotely, finding flexible space on demand in a location of your choice is just what folks need when the need to meet IRL arises. 

Our mission at Veery goes beyond just providing you with space. We’re transforming the way you can work, altogether. We’re revolutionizing the future of workplace experiences — empowering teams to be more productive, engaged and empowered by designing the office experience that works best for them.  

Join the revolution today. Explore our spaces. 

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